Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Council of the Baptised

Just discovered this interesting website. The Catholic Coalition for Church reform has launched “Synod 2011” which aims to create a “Council of the Baptised” that hopes to “invite partnership with the Archdiocesan ordained decision makers.” The website can be found here or click their banner at the top of this page

Join us in Launching a Council of the Baptized

Do you see disconnects between the policies and practices of the institutional Roman Catholic Church and the Gospel message of love that Jesus demonstrated and proclaimed? If so, you are one of a growing number of Catholics.

We see friends leaving the Church because their spiritual needs are not being met. We see the younger generations uninterested in supporting the institution. We see vast numbers of Catholics struggling in their lives without pastoral care. We see women treated as second-class citizens, and gays and lesbians discounted in their humanity. We see divorced and remarried Catholics suffering exclusion from the Eucharistic community. Animosity divides factions. There are no avenues of communication between the official leadership and the people. And meanwhile the world we are supposed to be serving is in need of strong and organized care. How can we see all this without feeling responsible to act?

Our consciences cry out for us to step up and take responsibility. The Holy Spirit is working through us, the laity, according to the official Church doctrine called sensus fidelium, the sense of the faithful. Our mandate for action comes from our baptism and was urged upon us by the bishops of the Church at the Second Vatican Council. For us, stepping up is a moral imperative. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Our strategy for taking responsibility is the creation of a Council of the Baptized to invite partnership with the Archdiocesan ordained decision-makers and to communicate the sense of the faithful.

We will
• pray together for the Spirit to guide us
• discuss among ourselves the concerns of conscience we will bring to the Council
• explain the set up and work of the Council
• hear from people who have envisioned the Council’s work
• nominate the charter members of the Council
• appoint people to work on teams to present the first concerns to the Council in January 2012

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