Thursday, 18 August 2011

Holes, what holes?

Just read an article in the National Catholic Reporter by John L Allen Jnr. The article concerns remarks made about the role of theologians by Capuchin Fr Thomas Weinandy. in a May 26 address to the Academy of Catholic Theology in Washington, D.C., and published in July in Origins, the official documentary service of the U.S. bishops.

What I find interesting isn’t so much the article, but the comments that followed. I counted 44 comments. Nine of these favoured Weinandy’s position, 1 was indifferent and a whopping 34 disagreed.

Fascinating. The Barque of Peter seems so full of holes and about to sink. You’d have thought the church would begin to start plugging those holes rather than shouting “holes, what holes?” Instead it looks for scapegoats to blame for making those holes that it denies are there. Meanwhile the water rises . . .

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