Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Misguided Missal ?

Anyone who finds issue with the new translation of the Roman Missal would do well to look at this new website.  It’s full of articles to justify why the new translation is, well  . . . . erm a bit poor !  Don’t take my word for it have a look yourself Here's what they have to say :
Out of Love for the Church……we are deeply concerned with the New Missal Translation emanating from Rome.
…we believe it is poorly translated, indeed, at times, mistranslated, difficult to speak, let alone comprehend.
…we are deeply concerned with the process resulting in the 2011 Missal Translation.
…we believe the process circumvented collaboration and consultation with liturgists, linguists, scripture scholars and theologians and is simply being imposed without regard for the People of God.
…we are deeply concerned with the return to authoritarianism and clericalism implied in the words of the new translation.
…we believe the hierarchy has lost sight of who we are as the people of God, who, like them, are called to discipleship.
…we are deeply concerned with Rome’s rejection of the 1998 Missal Translation in favor of their new translation.
…we believe that the 1998 translation was beautifully constructed, understandable, scripturally and theologically sound and easily spoken out loud and understood by the presider and the assembled People of God.
…we are deeply concerned with Rome’s retreat from the principles and theology of the Second Vatican Council.
…we believe that the liturgical documents of Vatican II are inspiring and a great gift to the Church.
…we are deeply concerned with Rome’s justification for the new translation and their statement that the changes promulgated in the documents of Vatican II diminish our understanding of the Eucharist and our understanding of Christology.
…we believe that the rites emanating from Vatican II have deepened people’s understanding of the celebration of the Eucharist and appreciation of who Christ is and who we are each called to become.
…we are deeply concerned with Rome’s need to silence those who express their concerns and with our bishops’ docile compliance.
…we believe we should be able to expect more from our spiritual leaders who no longer speak for us or with us but simply to us.
…we believe that we have the right and responsibility to express our needs to our bishops.

In the Documents of Vatican II, Lumen Gentium states “Like all Christians, the laity have the right to receive in abundance the help of the spiritual goods of the Church, especially that of the word of God and the sacraments from the pastors. To the latter the laity should disclose their needs and desires with that liberty and confidence which befits children of God… By reason of the knowledge, competence or pre-eminence which they have the laity are empowered – indeed sometimes obliged – to manifest their opinion on those things which pertain to the good of the Church.” Lumen Gentium, #37.

The Code of Canon Law #212, section 3 states “They (Christ’s faithful) have the right, indeed at times the duty, in keeping with their knowledge, competence and position, to manifest to the sacred Pastors their views on matters which concern the good of the Church.”


Val Farrell said...

I don't know about the translation; I will leave that to others, but I am convinced that the manner of its imposition on us is positively sinful.It's entirely about power and control and reversing Vatican 2.

I'm a priest. What am I to do? I have been seriously unwell of late and have undergone scans, x-rays and camera-probes of all kinds. Beyond a tweek or two to my medication, there was no alarm, yet the symptoms remain, some of them very embarrassing.
"Are you anxious about anything? my G.P asked. "No" I said.
Several parishioners were astonished when they heard what I said. "What about implementing the new Mass?" they asked. And there was I thinking I had been keeping my thoughts to myself!

Contemplative Catholic said...

Thankyou so much for sharing this. As you say, "What are we to do?" Those who feel this way have their hands tied. I have written to Ach Kelly but received a wooly reply that stated there may be good things in the new translation. Is it me or is there no coincidence in the new missal being printed in Trentino ??

NSF said...

The new translation may not be perfect but the translation we have had for the last few decades can hardly be called a translation! It is unbelievably unfaithful to the Latin original; the sense is regularly distorted or even changed completely. The original translators took it upon themselves to change what the missal actually said, and this was imposed on the Catholic faithful for nearly forty years. That is the true scandal.

Anonymous said...

People must resist the change. Either continue to say the old words or remain completely silent. Make sure your parish priest knows that you don't want the new translation. Write a letter to your bishop. Stop your contributions until the old missal is restored, and support all efforts to fight the new missal from being acceptance.

Just throwing up your hands and accepting it because you feel that nothing can stop it is telling the church to make other reversals of Vatican II. Before you know it, it will be as if Vatican II never happened.

Fight the change. If you don't then you have nobody to blame but yourself.