Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Silly Season !

Traditionally at this time of year silly articles appear in the 'red tops.'  Scanning the blog world I can't believe some of the things I'm reading - perhaps the catholic blogosphere has a similar 'silly season.' Sadly they're deadly serious.  Check these out:

Thomas Merton : The first neo- Conservative ?

The 1994 statement permitting girl servers was a mistaken tactical retreat which led to a fall in priestly vocations. It’s time to withdraw it

An Ordinariate for the Society of Pope Pius X ?

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berenike said...

Well, the first is probably just Weigel trying to claim friends! He makes some good points, but I would say that the things he points out about Merton would also have lead him to avoid the neo-conservative fringe.

Speaking as a member of the female persuasion myself, I think altar girls are a symptom of clericalism and wish more bishops would disallow them (all other arguments apart).

I can't really see how else, unfortunately, the Lefebvrists (sp?) can be reconciled except under some kind of personal prelature or ordinariate structure. In my experience a lot of the older members (the younger ones don't know anything about them) of your average UK parish consider the SSPX with the same sort of horror they do the NSDAP, and would rather receive communion at a Unitarian church than darken the doorway of an SSPX chapel, so I'm not sure it would be charitable to expect them to merge with existing diocesan structures! The madder ones would never give up their mad position anyway (rather like with the Anglican Ordinariate).