Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fr Gregory Winterton Cong. Orat.

So sorry to hear of the death of Fr Gregory Winterton of the Birmingham Oratory on wednesday 18th January 2012. 

I remember the frugality of his room at the oratory.  Mind you, I last sat and chatted with him there in the 1980s.  He had an iron framed bed and a wardrobe with day clerics and best clerics, day habit and best habit and very little more. 

He came across as a zealously pastoral man.  He loved people and liked to share his enthusiasm for Newman and his experience of his relationship with God regardless of who they were, their status or rank.  Relationship with God, so it seemed to me, came before everything for Fr Gregory.   

He gave me a great love of Newman and Newman’s fidelity to the kindly light that led him on.  Thank you Fr Gregory for your fantastic example of Christian life.  


Anonymous said...

Love your picture!

Contemplative Catholic said...

. . . . Jackie, please feel free to use the photo as you wish !

Ann-Monique Stellinga said...

My mother was Fr Gregory's parish secretary for many years and is four years older than he was at is death. When she retired he used to visit her regularly for tea and chats, even when he was quite frail. He was a wonderful man, very kind and generous and had a fund of amusing anecdotes, as well as being deeply spiritual. We shall all miss him.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your new post. If only all bloggers shared your attitude!

berenike said...


Thanks for writing this.