Saturday, 28 January 2012

"The Trouble with St Mary's"

The Community of “St Mary’s in Exile,”  Brisbane, Australia are proud to present an exciting DVD package!

“ In February 2009 St Mary’s church in Brisbane is the centre of the biggest rifts in the history of the Australian Catholic Church. 72 year old, Parish Priest Father Peter Kennedy is sacked by the Catholic Church for unorthodox practices. The fight that ensues will result in the exodus of an entire Catholic community as they follow their priest into the unknown.”

The DVD contains 3 extra chapters that go with the 75 minute version of the film:
1, Discussion following the May 2011 premiere of the film at the Hawthorne Cinema;
2, A retrospective interview with Peter Kennedy and Terry Fitzpatrick about the film, the community and spirituality.
3, Peter Hegedus' homily to the St Mary's community about the film.

More information and reviews of the film can be read here and the website of the films producer is here

If you would like to register an interest in obtaining a copy of the film you could email Richard Ortiz at the St Mary’s Community.

The website for the Community of St Mary’s can be found here.
Watch the Preview

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