Friday, 6 January 2012

Writing Icons

Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting : Aidan Hart.

If you are interested in writing icons, this new book by Aidan Hart is a must. Don’t take my word for it but have a look at the preview here. 

This book goes into fantastic detail, in a way I’ve never found in one single tome before.   I ordered the book last week for £40 and when it arrived the size, quality and content in the book was outstanding. If the book cost half as much again it would still be a bargain.  It can be ordered via Aidan Hart’s website or through Gracewing 

Thank you Aidan for a treatise of quality, full of learning, technique and much needed spirituality.  I’ve dabbled in writing icons for about 12 months now.  Some of them can be seen way down this blog page.  This book will help so much with many of the pitfalls I encountered and hopefully drag my writing standard up out of the gutter !

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Augie said...

Great Great blog. Yes. The contemplative, rooted fully in the tradition. Good things here. Keep up the good work. There's a new site becoming a regular visit for many, started by a young theologian in Leuven. The contemplative permeates the site, looking at the entries "Learned Silence" and "Hard Dragons" among many others. You'll love it:

Keep up the good work, Bradford