Monday, 6 February 2012

The Life of Fr Bede Griffiths

Bede Griffiths was a monk, a man in whom there was no guile, and was last to see the guile that may have been in any other. This monk with a universal heart was an icon of integrity and guilelessness.

As John Henry Cardinal Newman once described them, Bede was one of those: who live in a way least thought of by others, the way chosen by our Savior, to make headway against all the power and wisdom of the world. It is a difficult and rare virtue, to mean what we say, to love without deceit, to think no evil, to bear no grudge, to be free from selfishness, to be innocent and straightforward... simple-hearted. They take everything in good part which happens to them, and make the best of everyone.

(homily, Feast of St. Bartholomew)Such was Father Bede Griffiths, Swami Dayananda, who died May 13, 1993, barefooted and clothed in the color of the sun, in his thatched hut at Shantivanam in South India


Tom said...

A pure cherry picker. No different to Bradburn and Merton.

Contemplative Catholic said...

has Dom Bede Griffiths or Bradburn or Mertons orthodoxy ever doubted ? So why Cherry Picker ? No different to a persons preference between franciscan, Carmelite, Jesuit or Benedictine spirituality . . . or preferring Mass in the E.F. to N.O. . .or between Gothic and Roman architecture, or charismatic renewal, Neo Cats, Focolare, Latin Mass Society ?