Sunday, 22 April 2012

United Christian Church, Poland

The following news item appeared on the front page of the Polish United Christian Church.  At first sight it looks like they wish to be affiliated with our United Ecumenical Catholic Church.  Fantastic news.  I'll post any updates.
"On 21 April 2012 in Warsaw the General Conference of the United Christian Church took place, whose purpose was to organize the law of the Church, the choice of the Bishop and to take a position on cooperation with the United Ecumenical Catholic Church.

The session was attended (in person and by absentee voting) more than 20 authorized delegates, including all the clergy of the Church.

Members of the General Conference adopted a codified Book of Law, constituting a source of status and rights of the Church, and decided to include (ourselves) in the structure of the United Ecumenical Catholic Church affiliated with the rights of a member.

By secret ballot Father Simon of Germany was elected Bishop of the Church unanimously  - the former head of the Church in Poland.  At the same time the Conference adopted the proposal of the Assembly of Christians Church in Chrzuszczobrodzie and agreed to the ordination of Father Christopher create gaps for the office of Pastor of the Church. 

The conference ended with a solemn Eucharistic Devotion."

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