Thursday, 31 May 2012

Archbishop Angelo Becciu : The Pope's Stolen Papers

An article published on the L'Osservatore Romano website makes interesting reading.

 Aconversation with Archbishop Angelo Becciu, Substitute of the Secretariat of State,  The Pope’s stolen papers,” has the following quote from Archbishop Becciu. “
“I consider the publication of the stolen letters an immoral act of unheard-of gravity.”

I can’t help thinking this reaction  is a little over the top.  “Unheard of gravity” ?  Within a couple of months of their theft  this archbishop calls the leaking of some letters “an immoral act of unheard of gravity” ?
It took decades for the Vatican to face up to the immoral acts of thousands of clergy who abused children.  Having begun to face up to the abuse crisis it now appears to recognise  the leaking of some letters as a greater immoral act – unless Archbishop Becciu hasn’t heard of the abuse crisis. . . . .

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