Friday, 4 May 2012

Christian United Church of Poland

The Christian United Church of Poland, a community of former Roman Catholics unhappy at the exclusion of anyone from the sacramental life of the Church, has been in contact for some time with Bishop Terry and discussing their future as church community.
The UECC has offered a warm welcome to the Polish groups through the Council of Bishops and the opportunity to walk together the path of God’s love and service.

At a recent conference the Polish church elected Fr Szymon Niemiec as their bishop elect and decided to formally affiliate themselves to the UECC, the first step in full membership.

In response the Council of Bishops has agreed to consecrate Fr Szymon when he visits the UK, hopefully in late August. (Details will be announced as they are confirmed.)
This is a great step forward for the UECC in Europe and a very humbling moment as we realise that others are being drawn to us by our faith in action approach.

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