Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fr Brian D'Arcy BBC NI

Earlier this year Father Brian D’Arcy revealed that he’s been censured by the Vatican after challenging some of the Catholic Church’s core teachings. In this frank and personal documentary, filmmaker, Natalie Maynes follows Brian on a journey across Europe as he confronts the biggest dilemma of his life – can he continue as a priest?

In The Turbulent Priest, Natalie goes behind-the-scenes with Brian as the news of this censure is leaked to the world’s press and stays with him as he confronts his dilemma. Brian asked: “Is the price of being a priest that you stay quiet, that you don’t be a whistle blower, and that the price of dying a priest is that you don’t speak the truth?”

The documentary follows Brian as he reveals his struggle with the core teachings of the church including celibacy; “I would have been a much better priest had I married. I think it would have been the whole thing of sharing your life with somebody else and the whole thing of making sacrifices for somebody else and also that idea of a companion, a closeness, a friend, someone to call home.“

Watch the programme on BBC Northern ireland on Monday 29th October @ 22.35.  Watch a clip of the programme here.

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