Sunday, 10 February 2013

Magdalen Laundries

Mother Maria Francesca, one of our Liverpool sisters, supports those women abused by the Church and Government in Ireland.  Those women who were press ganged into the Magdalen Launderies deserve an unconditional apology and recognition of the unjustice they suffered at the hands of the 'authorities.'        So many issues affecting the integrity of the RC Church at the moment.  They can't be pushed aside.  Neither can those who raise the issues be described as being unfaithful to the church or somehow unfaithful to the Gospel.       No one can dispute that the church would readily excomunicate a priest who raises issues such as female priests or married priest, as in the case of Roy Borgeois and yet not excommunicate priests who abuse children.  How can anyone reconcile this ?       Jesus said that good trees produce good fruit and rotten trees produce rotten fruit.  there is so much rotten fruit about at the moment in the RC church. I wonder what fertilizer it will use to turn this sad state of affairs around ?

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