Monday, 27 May 2013

Unfettered Ressurection . . . .

Why would the creator create a universe where all the parts grow and develop but not the whole ?

God is, without doubt, a great risk taker and probably that explains the endless and bizarre displays of life that we see on this earth.

God is clearly into freedom, imagination and creativity.  Look at nature: we end up with every conceivable shape and colour of jellyfish, desert kangaroos that turn their urine back into liquid to nurse their young, and twenty-five hundred types of cicades, some of which appear only every seventeen years.

Who is this God?  You could call God unfettered ressurection! Humans, by contrast, are preoccupied with stability, efficiency, and control, even if it means boredom and death."
Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond pg 89/90

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