Tuesday, 6 August 2013

St Charbel Makhlouf

Anyone called to Contemplative prayer should find out more about St Charbel.  There are two movies to be found on the Maronite Channel.  One in colour and the other black and white, both worth watching.

This is a movie about the Lebanese Saint Sharbel covering a very tiny part of his life. He is known as the "Saint drunk in God" in reference to his deep faith, humbleness, humility. At his time in the 1800s he was very educated but he did not leave education ruin his relation with God. Saint Sharbel protect Lebanon, was a subtitle of his picture during the war.

He became a hermit in the hermitage of Saint Maron Monastery in the mountains of Lebanon (5000ft elevation). He was known for his silence and dignity. Whereever Saint Sharbel was, there was prayer or silence.

Millions of miracles were done through his intercession and letters were sent from different countries in the world to show the thanks and be an example for all believers.
Many events were not recorded in this movie due to the lack of time, you can visit the monastery website for additional information in different languages:

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you for posting this. St Charbel is not very well known in the UK.

God bless.