Friday, 29 August 2014

Ice bucket challenge

I'm amazed at the number of people writing on the internet against the ice bucket challenge craze.  Reactions vary, but often settle on the waste of resources and so on.  For goodness sake!
How on earth could anyone gauge the 'waste' of water  in terms of earths resources ?
 I hope you've done your research . .  As an aid you could add
the number of computers 'catholic' bloggers leave on standby
The number of churches heated with their doors left open or broken thermostats or boilers that don't save energy,
How much water is dumped down every piscine in the land during the week?
Leaking water stand pipes in cemeteries attached to churches,
The number of churches lit by non-energy saving light bulbs,
Empty presbyteries with lights left on to deter burglars,
The energy used to heat large convents and monasteries with only a handful of people in them ?
Mealy mouth suggestions I know . . But so too are those objections to the ice bucket challenge !  Would God really be interested in the waste of water or in the enthusiasm of people caring to help those less fortunate than themselves ?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fr Paul takes the Ice-Bucket Challenge !

The Francis Effect . . . .

Dissent !

Throughout the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, whenever someone disagreed with what he said or did, the cry DISSENT ! was heard very forcefully. Not only that, but dissenting was considered to be a crime against Holy Mother Church. During the pontificate of Pope Francis, those very voices that cried Dissent are speaking out against him.  What a strange church we belong to ?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The New Urban Hermit . . . .

An article in the American "Saturday Evening Post," from 2013 has an interesting article about the growth of Urban Hermits.  Mixed among the testimonies are some resources for the Urban Hermit.  Ravens Bread hermit ministries is well worth a visit.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Centering Prayer App

There's a really useful app to found in the i-tunes store.   It's a very useful and fruitful aid to contemplative prayer and it's free! It's for all interested in Centering Prayer.  Click this link to find out more.

There's loads of background material to the practice of Centering Prayer, with it's roots in the Contemplative tradition of the church.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Bede Griffiths

I thought this video had gone off the radar.  After re discovering and watching it again, I remember why it should be more widely watched.  I love the quote in the 34th minute . . . 
"Religion is the organisation of the spiritual life, but the spirit itself is beyond religion"

"Жизнь">">"Жизнь отца Беды Гриффитса" ( "A Human Search - The Life Of Father Bede Griffiths") (англ.)
from Yeshu">">Yeshu Das on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Upholland Unitape online Vatican II lectures

Looking forward to listening to many of these talks.  A big thank you for placing these online.  Here's the web address for them The web page introduction is reproduced below.

The Upholland UNITAPE yOnline Catalogue offers downloads for over 800 recordings of Upholland Northern Institute lectures taped between 1975 and 1988. As a theological resource, these recordings cover a wide spread of topics ranging from scripture to social issues. Speakers include Vincent NicholsHugh LaveryDympna Magee and Raymond E. Brown.
Based at the junior seminary of St Joseph's College in Upholland, Lancashire, the Upholland Northern Institute (UNI) was set up to aid adult Christian education and the continuing development of clergy in the North West. Talks organised by UNI were recorded to cassette tapes and sold across the UK, both to priests and lay audiences, to provide material for study or group talks. By the closure of UNI the number of tapes had exceeded eight hundred.
In 2013 the collection of tapes was digitised and has been made available online byLiverpool Hope University in association with the Archdiocese of Liverpool.