Sunday, 17 August 2014

Upholland Unitape online Vatican II lectures

Looking forward to listening to many of these talks.  A big thank you for placing these online.  Here's the web address for them The web page introduction is reproduced below.

The Upholland UNITAPE yOnline Catalogue offers downloads for over 800 recordings of Upholland Northern Institute lectures taped between 1975 and 1988. As a theological resource, these recordings cover a wide spread of topics ranging from scripture to social issues. Speakers include Vincent NicholsHugh LaveryDympna Magee and Raymond E. Brown.
Based at the junior seminary of St Joseph's College in Upholland, Lancashire, the Upholland Northern Institute (UNI) was set up to aid adult Christian education and the continuing development of clergy in the North West. Talks organised by UNI were recorded to cassette tapes and sold across the UK, both to priests and lay audiences, to provide material for study or group talks. By the closure of UNI the number of tapes had exceeded eight hundred.
In 2013 the collection of tapes was digitised and has been made available online byLiverpool Hope University in association with the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

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